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How Can I Track My Package? How can I track my order?

To track your order, simply use the tracking number that is sent to you (Tracking ID) when confirming the service. Just enter it on our Site in the "follow order" field. Simple, safe and available 24h.

Where is my Parcel? International Parcel Tracking Where is my order? And tracking of international orders.

With Xpedict you have the possibility of tracking your order in detail 24 hours a day, until delivery. Xpedict only generates a shipping label, which provides greater security in shipping and delivery.

The details on my parcel are incorrect. What should I do?

Data on my order is wrong, how to proceed?

In case the data associated to the order is incorrect or incomplete please contact us by email or by the number:

Only the dispatcher can change order-related data.

My parcel has not been collected. What can I do? My order was not collected, how to proceed?

If your order was not collected at the agreed date and time, you can always schedule a new collection on the following business day. You can also leave your order in a Drop-off location (this ensures that there is no more failed collection attempt).

  • Click to Reschedule
  • Click to Drop-off
  • If you wish to cancel your order please click here.
I will not be available at the time of collection. What can I do? I'm not at home on the day and time of the collection, what to do?
  • Reschedule the collection - click here
  • Drop - off - click here
  • Change the collection address - click here
How do I cancel my order and apply for a refund? How do I cancel my order and request a refund?

INot available at the time of collection? No problem

It is not available in the place and time of collection, no problem, you can reschedule the collection, click here, you will need the order reference, the email used, only the sender can perform this operation. If you wish to cancel please contact one of our agents at or by phone ....

Request a refund

If you want to cancel the delivery of your order you can do so by contacting Xpedict by or by phone ...

You may request a refund of the amount already paid. This order can only be made by the consignor of the order and only in case the order aina has not been collected. Can be more on refund policy, click here.

What are the restrictions of the services?
  • Each service that we offer has its own measures to send the orders.
  • In the standard services (urgent and express) it is possible to send orders up to a maximum weight of 30 kg of volumetric weight. With the following maximum dimensions, 70 cm on each side
  • If you need to send an order that exceeds the maximum weight and volume to be made, contact us at or by phone ...
  • Volumetric Weight:
  • Why does the website say my parcel is too large for standard services?
  • Why does it appear on the website that the order is too large?
  • If your order is too large for our standard services, it means that the weight and dimensions are outside the standard values. Usually appears if your order exceeds x..x or weighs more than 1kg ...
  • It may also be due to the volumetric weight for the service in question.
How do I calculate my parcel's volumetric weight? How to calculate volumetric weight?

To more easily calculate the volumetric weight please complete the fields below.


Will there be any Parcel Protection applied to my order? Is there any insurance associated with my shipment?

Is there any insurance associated with my shipment?

Standard insurance is added to the service when it is scheduled, click here - terms and conditions.

Additional insurance

All orders have a standard insurance as already described in the terms and conditions, if customers wish can join a premium insurance to insure the full value of the content up to a maximum of 250 euros (250) per order., Any higher value this is not Xpedict's responsibility. The additional insurance has cover for loss, in case of damages the client will have to prove that at the time of the

Track Your Shipment
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